ICC Posters

Posters are one of the traditions of the International Cartographic Conferences (ICC). They encapsulate the design flavor of a host nation and are visually engaging. They often incorporate cartographic elements making them unique and familiar. Some posters were produced exclusively for events run in conjunction with ICCs, such as the International Cartographic Exhibition, others to convey the conference theme.

Poster from ICC 1980

The earliest poster in our collection is from the ICC 1980 held in Tokyo. It was created for the International Exhibition on Cartography and Geography run in conjunction with the main conference. Its design, incorporating a stunning three-dimensional map, is captivating and uniquely Japanese. The Working Group also has posters from ICCs held in Barcelona (1995), Ottawa (1999), Durban (2003), A Coruña (2005), Paris (2011) and Dresden (2013).

We would appreciate hearing back from anyone that could help us in sourcing posters from remaining ICA conferences, as well as exhibitions, commission meetings and other ICA events.